• MULCH Episode 5 - Dealing with overwhelm in you Flower Farming Practice.

    In this episodes you can learn 3 techniques to help you to deal with overwhelm and avoid burnout in you Flower Farming Practice.
  • MULCH Episode 4 - Behind the scenes at Silver Grey Foliage Flower Farm January 2024

    Wecome back! Today's episode provides a pretty detailed insight into behind the scenes at Silver Grey Foliage this January (2024). Do let me know i...
  • MULCH Episode 3 - Choosing what to grow on your Flower Farm

    I am guilty of buying plants in the past that have sat on the doorstep until they have died.  I suggest that this is bad business sense!  Listen to find an easy step by step guide to stop you from wasting on plants and seeds!
  • MULCH Episode 2 - Wedding Flowers for Flower Farmers - Do I have to do them?

    Everyone loves a good wedding. But what do they involve and are they for you and your business?
  • MULCH Episode 1 - What to expect from Mulch

    Setting the scene for what to expect from this new podcast for Flower Farmers.