MULCH Episode 4 - Behind the scenes at Silver Grey Foliage Flower Farm January 2024

Wecome back!

Today's episode provides a pretty detailed insight into behind the scenes at Silver Grey Foliage this January (2024). Do let me know if this helpful!

I know that I talk about this al the time, but the key to a successful flower farming practice is definitely good quality records that are relevant to your Flower Farm.


The Flower Farmer's Planner is a planner written for Flower Farmers - Order your copy here!


 For pragmatic help and problem solving, have a look at our Workshops in January 2024.

Pricing for Flower Farmers

Marketing for Flower Farmers


Finally, Antony and I are writing and producing this podcast becase we want to.  We want to make it useful and relevant.  It takes time to plan, record, edit and upload to all of the platforms.  We will continue doing this because we are absolutely loving the process. If you have enjoyed listening to the podcast and fancy buying us a coffee (we are happy to share as we are married!) we would be so grateful.  Thank you for buying us a coffee!


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