DIY Weddings with Silver Grey Foliage

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For me, the most important thing about your wedding day is that you and your partner both turn up.  You both feel happy and confident. And that you are surrounded by the friends and family that you want to share your celebration with.


These are the priorities that Antony and I made for our wedding day.


Every wedding is different. And every celebration is unique. For me, much as I love flowers, they are for not the focus of your special day. 


For me, wedding flowers are a sensitive, and seasonal addition that engage the senses of you and your guests so that your memories are enhanced.


We only offer DIY wedding flowers.


Silver Grey Foliage DIY wedding flowers are for you if:

 - You would like the most beautiful bouquet for you and something smaller for your maids.

 - You would like buttonholes for your bridal party.

 - And you would like to create seasonal table centres and celebration decorations with your friends and relatives from the stunning buckets of luxury blooms and foliage that we grow and cut especially for your day.


If you would like to add a workshop with me to give you more confidence in arranging your flowers, this is also possible.

Please note: unless there is an unpredicted environmental disaster, we grow 100% of the flowers and foliage that you will receive on our Flower Farm in Leeds. We will only cut the best seasonal flowers in the field to suit your preferred colour scheme.

In the event of disaster, we will source Flowers grown within the UK from the nearest possible source as an alternative.  If we need to do this, we will notify you. However in 4 seasons, this has only happened once.

Each bucket of flowers contains a total of 60 stems of carefully selected flowers and foliage.  Your buckets of flowers will be cut and prepared so that they are ready for you to use when you collect them.

A bucket of flowers will make 5-6 Jam Jar arrangements, or 2-3 small vases bouquets.

If this is what you are looking for, then contact me, Rebecca, using the form below.  Please ensure that you share:

 - Your Names

 - Your email address and contact number

 - The date of your celebration

 - A list of what you would like to order, or a description of your needs so that I can make a recommendation.

Antony or I will be in touch as quickly as we can with a reply so that we can help you to make your plans.


Thank you for your Enquiry.



p.s. If you would like to know more about how we work, listen to our podcast episode on Weddings work for Flower Farmers Here!