British Flower Grower in Leeds

If you are a florist of floral designer, constantly looking for surprise and intrigue in your flowers, wishing that the natural variation of flower shape and size could be reflected in your work and desperately wanting texture, colour and perfume to be bountiful for your customers and you, then you will love our flowers.  If you love working with flowers and want something different and some expected favourites, then we hope that our flowers with reignite your affair with flowers every time that you receive a bucket from Silver Grey Foliage.

We grow flowers sustainably, without pesticide use in Yorkshire, outdoors.  Not all of our stems are perfectly straight, but every flower that we cut is beautiful in it’s fragility and characterful in it’s presence. Every flower is cut and placed straight into water to condition. We do not use plastic wrapping and we do not use conditioning agents.

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Image by Joanne Crawford