MULCH Episode 2 - Wedding Flowers for Flower Farmers - Do I have to do them?

Welcome back to another Episode of about things that matter to Flower Farmers.

In this episode:

I talk about Weddings.  I talk about things that were important to Antony and I when we got married and how this is reflected in the work that we do now as DIY wedding providers.

I tal about what goes in to different sorts of wedding provision and how this impacts your time and therefore what you need to consider when costing a wedding.

I talk about what brings me joy and the customers that we choose to work with as a result of understanding our own strengths and preferences.

And finally I as the question - Is wedding work, an essential part of your work as a Flower Farmer?

I hope that this makes interesting food for thought as we pass through the most common time of year for couples to get engaged.


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