MULCH Episode 3 - Choosing what to grow on your Flower Farm

Welcome back to MULCH.  I can't believe that this is Episode 3!  Thank you so much for listening.


January is as busy as any other moth for FLower Farmers!  One of the things that I know that alot of you are doing is checking your seed sowing plan and making a list/ordering new or extra seeds for your collection.


This episode is to help you to plan and organise how you add varieties to your availability list in a logical and consistent way that limits waste.




I love supporting new FLower Farmers to set up their fields and business.  For pragmatic help and problem solving, have a look at our Workshops in January 2024.

Business Planning for Flower Farmers

Pricing for Flower Farmers

Marketing for Flower Farmers


Finally, Antony and I are writing and producing this podcast becase we want to.  We want to make it useful and relevant.  It takes time to plan, record, edit and upload to all of the platforms.  We will continue doing this because we are absolutely loving the process. If you have enjoyed listening to the podcast and fancy buying us a coffee (we are happy to share as we are married!) we would be so grateful.  The link for coffee buying is HERE.


Thank you

Rebecca and Antony