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Good growing habits grow good flowers on your Flower Farm!

Good growing habits reduce the amount that you need to think about repetitive, necessary tasks.

So, make space and time in your brain for essential marketing and sales work with your customers by using The Flower Farmer's Habit Tracker.


You know that:

🌿The product of good flower farming habits is good quality flowers that are easy to cut and last well for your customers.


🌿You know that you cut healthy stems on your flower farm when you have looked after your crop on your flower farm well.


🌿You know the things that you need to do to make sure that your flowers are the best that they can be.


🌿You know that what is required from you as a sustainable flower farmer changes each month through the year.


🌿You also know that there are so many things to keep track of on your flower farm that it is easy to loose track of your good habits, or get carried away with propagation so much that you forget to market and sell your flowers!


So the Habit Tracker is here to:


✅ Help you to spot what has and has not been done on your flower farm to keep your flowers in peak performance.

✅ Help you get back on track with good growing habits if you have been away, or busy with other jobs/commitments.

✅ Help you create a sustainable pattern of working for you on your flower farm


You have confidence that you are on top of your jobs AND CAN FOCUS on the important job of getting your beautiful, scented blooms sold.


Each Month includes:

🎁A Downloadable PDF for you to tick the jobs that are done and spot patterns in your work.

🎁Planning Prompts for: Jobs, Finance, Sorting, Planning and Positive Growing Thoughts.


The less you have to think about doing, the easier it is to Get On And Grow.  The easier it is to Get On And Grow, the more time you have to Meet with Customers, Market and Sell Your Beautiful Flowers.




P.s. The Habit Tracker works along side The Flower Farmer's Planner 2023. You can use the two tools independently. I like to use them together!

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