What happens at a workshop?

In the world that we live and work in, everything is busy busy busy, plan plan plan, busy busy busy..... You get the theme.

We know that you're all busy, we know that you're all intelligent and we know that you like to know what you're getting. But when you book a workshop with us, you're not buying a kitchen from John Lewis or a car from AUDI or Skoda for that matter.

You're buying a moment of time out, a period of creativity and a chance not to plan and be busy.

It seems uncomfortable buying something when you don't know what you're going to get.  I hear you, but this isn't a torture session and it's not a HIIT class.  This is escapism and time out with flowers and nature.  

And that begins by not researching the best way to do whatever it is that you're going to do so that you know that you'll be able to do it!  It involves not looking for the experts in the field so that you can compare their technique to ours.  It involves not having an image before you have started of what you are going to make.

All of these create an expectation followed by the fear 'What if I can't do it?'

We don't want this for you.  Because we know that everyone who does one of our workshops creates something special and is delighted with their own creation.

This is time out. And time out involves looking forward to having the space where you're not in a role.  Not a mother or father. Not a planner or an instigator. Not responsible or leading. And most importantly not marked or assessed.  You're just you and that's enough.

If you are still looking for an aim or objective, then here it is:

'Come, lay your hands on flowers and let them guide the way.'

Whilst this may all sound very hippy, be rest assured of the following.  There may be music but it won't be plinky plunky.  There will likely  be something to eat/drink but there will be no obligation to take either the healthy or naughty option. And you can wear whatever you like.

So no, I'm not setting out a plan.  I'm not asking you to prepare and I'm looking forward to seeing you shine.

Feel free to book a space on  Christmas workshop here.

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