Planning for firsts and seconds!

  • What to do when your indoor bulbs start to die.

    Indoor bulbs provide a fabulous bridge for colour and beauty in your home between Christmas and the start of spring. I hope that you found our tips...
  • Getting the most out of your flowers.

    The things that shorten vase life and our top tips to get the most out of your flowers.
  • 15 Minute Communities

    Being able to work, shop and play within 15 minutes of home could make you happy and be better for our biodiversity at the same time.
  • Taking time out of a busy schedule

    Weeding, wandering and calm. It's the process that brings benefits rather than the outcome.
  • How do I stop my tulips from drooping?

    The sensual droop of a Tulip's slender stem is iconic.  Should we try to correct this?
  • Can I buy myself flowers?

    I can't unpick everything here in a blog. But if any of this resonates with you or people that you know, then maybe it's time to think again about how we attach value to ourselves. It's a deep and meaningful blog for the start of February!
  • Locally Grown Flowers in Leeds

    It's a little bit Ronseal, but we'd like to just explain the flower growing jargon that just slips out these days!
  • I'll buy my daffodils from the Supermarket thanks!

    Don't read this if you want cheap flowers!
  • Ok - So what's a flower club?

    I promise, there are no dodgy socks and you won't have to make sure that your uniform is ironed to be in this club!
  • What happens at a workshop?

    Remove expectations from yourself and give yourself a chance to relax.  This isn't work and there is no mark scheme. Silver Grey Foliage workshops are about time out and creativity in the city.
  • 5 tips for looking after Spring bulbs indoors!

    Top tips for growing your indoor desk blooms and keeping them and you healthy!
  • Why are we growing Eucalyptus in Leeds?

    One day, with the help of Hilary, we'll grow high quality Eucalyptus in Yorkshire all year round. Until then, it is a winter crop and this is where is all started.