Planning for firsts and seconds!

  • Naturally Dried Flowers

    Sometimes buying flowers from English Flower Farms can be daunting because the names of flowers are often different to those that you see on a dut...
  • What is Get On And Grow?

    A pragmatic approach to reduce decision fatigue and make time to get what you do grow sold.
  • The key to succession planting is counting the stems on your flower farm

    Counting the number of stems that you cut, helps you to succession planting on your flower farm. Here is an explanation to help you plan your Flower Farm to make the most out of every growing bed.
  • How to look after dried flowers

    Dried flowers are easy to look after.  Follow these simple tips to keep your flowers looking bright and beautiful.
  • The benefits of Dried Flowers

    If I could grow freshly cut flowers in Yorkshire all year round, I would.  We grow Eucalyptus and foliage in the autumn and winter months. Colour and floral beauty is ready for you with the flowers that we have grown and dried over the summer months.  You can still have flowers October - February.  Read about the benefits here.
  • How to care for your traditional mossed Foliage Wreath.

    Whether your Christmas Wreath was made at one of our classes, made with one of our kits or made for you by me, knowing how to keep it looking it’s ...
  • Looking after forced bulbs

    Beautiful flowers and perfume inside for the winter months. All you need to know!
  • Bulbs and sustainable flower farming

    Which bulbs can I plant and be sustainable as a grower.  It's a question that I have been asking. I wonder what you think?
  • How to care for your traditional mossed Foliage Wreath.

    Where to hang your wreath, how to protect your fresh foliage door wreath and how to look after it this Christmas.
  • The Autumn Flower Season

    It takes more than shorter days to stop flower production. Read about what is still available here!
  • Top 5 British Foliage for bouquets and event floral design in summer

    Choose the right foliage for your summer floral design and weddings reflect seasonal character, add movement and deliver texture and depth.
  • 5 Eco-friendly and pet friendly ways to stop slug damage on plants without pesticides

    5 ways to reduce slug damage and