Ok - So what's a flower club?


'If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club!  If you like a lot of flowers in your vase then do the same!'

Thankfully I've no plan to sing at you, but I'd love to deliver you flowers regularly and share these non-chocolatey but equally delicious treats.

Maybe Flower Club is not the right name?!  But our flowers are better for your wellbeing that a subscription to any well known TV box set service that you might care to think of! If you have a better more interesting name for our flower subscriptions, please please please do email the suggestions to me: rebecca@silvergreyfoliage.com.  

Anyway, the Spring Flower Club is a subscription for spring flowers grown right here in Headingley by Antony and I.  Order your subscription and we'll deliver to your front door a freshly cut, beautifully fragrant and stunningly individual bunch of seasonal spring flowers every 2 weeks for the length of your subscription.

What are spring flowers?  Well we've planted 1000's of scented daffodils, 1000s of colourful tulips and hundreds of ranunculus and anemones to fill your bunches in 2021.  The bunches will fill a vase or several small bottles, brighten up your home and make you smile.

There's no attachment to this club.  When you get to the end you can sign up to your next flower club or choose something else instead (like a workshop)! To know when our Summer and Autumn flower clubs are available to order click here!  That way you'll never be without.

So there you go, no uniform, no membership rules and no long term commitment, but I hope that you'll want to order and order and order our flowers because life at home with something beautiful and vibrant to look at and enjoy is better than life without!

Join the club!

Image credit:

By Ubcule, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62115358

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