Locally Grown Flowers in Leeds

So when we say 'locally grown', what exactly does that mean?  And when we say that we're committed to flowers that are 'grown not flown', does that sound like grower's jargon?

I think sometimes that flower growing is just like medicine!  I've picked up so much jargon over the past year or 2, that it just slips into conversation.  It's not helpful, when all you want to know is where your flowers come from!

This Blog is going to be short, because it really is very simple.  When I write 'locally grown flowers', this means that Antony and I grow the flowers in our garden (front and back) in Headingley.  We also grow in a small piece of field rented from a farmer in Adel.  So if you are in North Leeds, I would say that this is 'local'!  If you are in Leeds, I would also say that this is local!

We know that there will be times when the weather in Leeds gets the better of us. We also know that there will be times when, for one reason or another, crops fail us.  We don't have massive glass houses.  At the moment, we don't even have a polytunnel!

So if either of these things happen, we will source flowers from other British flower growers.  Our first approach will be to those nearest in Yorkshire.  However, after that, we are part of an organisation called Flowers From the Farm.  So if we can't provide what we have promised, we will buy it from the nearest grower who can.

The obvious outcome of this is that our flower season is limited to between March and October.  But then, that is when flowers are in season.  That's ok, because we are Seasonal Flower Growers!

And, when the flowers are gone, our Eucalyptus arrives! Yey!  So we'll fill your homes and adorn your doors with fragrant and stunning foliage instead of flowers!  Really it's win, win!

I guess you could say that we mean what we say and we say what we mean.  Our flowers are locally grown and never flown, or shipped or tunnelled either, for that matter!


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