How to care for your traditional mossed Foliage Wreath.

Whether your Christmas Wreath was made at one of our classes, made with one of our kits or made for you by me, knowing how to keep it looking it’s best will keep the neighbours full on envy over the season and beyond! Here is our advice on how to look after your wreath.

In general wreaths are low maintenance and long lasting.  The most important thing when caring for your wreath is to keep it hydrated. Wreath hydration is affected by the elements and in particular wind and sun exposure, even though it is cool outside.  

Here are our top tips for keeping your wreath looking amazing.

  • Clean your door well before hanging your wreath. Any dirt will encourage bugs to grow in the moss, which will adversely affect the longevity of your wreath.
  • If you are not ready to hang your wreath, keep it somewhere cool and mist it regularly with water.
  • Try to hang your wreath on a door that is protected from the elements. Wind and sun will make it dry out.
  • Keep the moss base moist by misting it regularly with water.

If you haven't ordered your wreath yet, we've put together some Essential Wreath Kits that you can use along with foliage from your own garden to make one of your won. Instructions are included! What a fun way to spend an afternoon on your own or with friends and family!

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