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Flower Play

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Flower Play sessions are your chance to get your hands on beautiful, scented and natural flowers grown right here in North Leeds.

You do not need any experience to come to a flower play session.  These sessions are all about time out and giving you 2 hours minutes to relax and escape whilst doing something creative with our natural product

In every session, you'll be welcomed into the workshop at HQ (Headingley). I will provide freshly cut seasonal flowers and foliage from our flower farm.  I also provide snips (a type of secateur) and chicken wire if they are helpful for an arrangement.

The session will start with tea, chat and a short demonstration to get you started. I only use sustainable methods to arrange flowers. In each session, we will use a different technique.

You choose the flowers that you find the most beautiful to arrange. If you need help or guidance, I will be there to support you and make sure that you teacup is always filled!

The workshop does not include vases or bowls. If you need to bring a vase or a vessel, I will let you know in advance and promise that I will only use items that I expect you to find around your home.  

Sessions are limited to 6 places.  All are welcome and you can come on your own or with friends.