What is Get On And Grow?

If you've ever found yourself with a head that feels like it might erupt because of the number of decisions that you need to make on your Flower Farm and the sense of pressure to make the right one, then Get On And Grow is the philosophy for you.


Choosing to farm flowers sustainably for florists, retail customers, weddings or funerals is something that only people who care deeply about what they are doing, do.  There are easier ways to make a living that don't rely on our changing climate, the preferences of others and nature!


Growing cut flowers at whatever scale therefore becomes something that you think about.  Thinking is healthy.  But obsessing, worrying and ruminating are not. They are especially unhelpful when growing your business is something that you are doing alongside another job or other commitments, whilst you literally grow your business.


So Get On And Grow,  is our approach to help you to grow your flower farm, whether you want to serve your local florist and local DIY weddings or post your flowers within your country.


Get On And Grow encourages you to get the thoughts that you have about your flower farming business out of your head and onto paper.  


It's a decision that encourages you to prioritise for your business on your growing site.


It's helps you to make decisions based on your priorities, to stick to your decisions and to learn from them by tracking cause and effect through your own records.


You will learn many many important skills and tips from courses. However you will only know what works in practice for you and what you can sustainably do on your flower farm by watching your own implementation, observing your surroundings and documenting your flower production.


Get On And Grow helps you to take all of this out of your head, where it causes headaches, and put it somewhere where you can see it.  There's something about  using a structured approach that makes it easier to decide what to do next.


Whilst there are somethings that have to be done in a particular order (eg. sowing seed to get flowers😂) I've learned that most things just need to be done and being able to see what needs doing makes it easier to plan your available time and get stuff done.


Ultimately, getting stuff done like this means that you have to think less. And the Less that you have to think, the more time there is for your to enjoy working on your flowers farm and more importantly, get your cut flowers sold to customers who care about where their flowers come from, how far their flowers have flown and what has been used to grow them.  


It's a pragmatic approach to flower farming that accepts that things will go wrong, but more things will go right. And even the things that go wrong on your flower farm will teach you how to be a better sustainable farmer in the long term.


Most importantly,  Get On And Grown helps you to make decisions, so that you free up space in your head to sell the flowers that you will grow.