Kokedama Care

Now that you have your very own Japanese inspired house plant, you’ll want to keep it happy and alive for as long as possible!


Watering and feeding your Kokedama


Your plant is now as tactile as it is beautiful.  Picking it up to change it’s position is something that I would encourage.  When you lift it, feel how heavy it is in your hands.  If it feels light, then this is a good time to water it.


To water, simply place your Kokedama in a bowl of water.  Rain water is preferable to tap water if you have a water butt at home.


When your Kokedama has soaked up as much water as it needs, place it somewhere to drain before returning it to it’s usual home.


Feed your plant monthly in Spring and Summer.  To do this, just add your chose feed in the quantities recommended on the packet to the water that you are soaking your plant in.


General plant care tips


A number of people asked about looking after houseplants in their homes.  Rather than speaking to each variety, here are some general rules that will hopefully be helpful:




Plants with dark waxy leaves will tolerate a greater degree of direct sunlight.


Keep you plant in a place where the temperature is consistent.


If in doubt keep your plant out of direct sunlight in a medium bright room.




Plants with waxier leaves then to need watering less often because they loose less water (transpire) through their leaves.


If you are worried about over watering, then pop a finger into the soil.  Most plants only need watering once the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry to touch. 


Try not to let your plants dry out completely.




It’s a good idea to keep your plant in a plastic pot with the ceramic pot around it.  This means that you can check the roots at the bottom of the plant more easily.  


If possible, choose a ceramic pot that is a little deeper than the plastic pot.  Fill the recess with a couple of inches if Alpine Grit.  This allows any excess water to drain away from the plant roots and reduces the risk of root rot.  Remove any excess water from the pot regularly.