Flowers Grown in Yorkshire

We know that it seems like an unreal prospect, growing flowers outside in Leeds, West Yorkshire. For goodness safe, it rains, all of the time in Yorkshire!

If the truth be told, I do regularly watch our fellow growers further south and wish that it was warmer earlier up here! However, whilst their season does start a couple of weeks earlier, by and large we grow the same quantities as our southern counterparts, so there must be more to it than just sunshine hours!

So what to we grow for you?  

Seasonal flowers, from Spring through to autumn, starting with Hellebores, Tulips, Ranunculus, Anemone and Scented Daffodils and finishing with oodles of Dahlias, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas and more.

Where do we grow?

We currently use an 8ft by 10ft green house, a garden and just over an acre of rented land to grow your flowers, in Headingley, Leeds.

How do we grow?

We grow our flowers sustainably.  This isn't just a buzz phrase!  We use compost created from local food waste, and rotted manure to enrich out soil. We use saved seed from our own plants wherever possible, seeds harvested from with the UK and from larger supplier.  We save rainwater in our gardens and use ground matting to prevent soil erosion and retain soil moisture/ reduce evaporation therefore limiting watering needs at the field. We don't use pesticides freely, but encourage natural lifecycles to control pests in our growing spaces. 

Why do we grow?

Easy - flowers are beautiful, you love them and we love them.  Loving flowers is a good thing.  Having them in you home and at your wedding is a good thing. Giving flowers as gifts is a good thing.  We believe that when you do these good things our environment should not suffer.

So your flowers are grown here in Leeds, so that you can send and receive flowers from a local source, that is locally grown and freshly cut in the knowledge that they have helped the Honey farmers bees to make amazing honey 2 fields away, and they have increased the diversity of moths and wildlife in the local area, and they have been grown to look and smell amazing.

It's really not such a mad idea! In fact, why not test how good and idea it is and buy a bunch of our flowers today! Our customers say that once they have tried them, there is no going back to the supermarkets!