Bespoke Wedding Service


Our Bespoke Wedding Flower Service is for you if you would like me to design and create wedding flowers for every part of your wedding.


Meet me to discuss your wedding day dreams.  I will guide you through the possibilities and then create your vision using the best flowers that the season has to offer.


I’ve spent 20 years working in another face-to-face profession. That’s 20 years helping people, 20 years learning how to understand people, 20 years hearing what matters to people and 20 years helping people to reach the outcomes that they hope for.


So I listen to what you do and don’t say when we meet. I watch how you move and, if you are willing to share it with me, I look at your dress.  I think about your wedding design and about how your day will look every day, from when you book our service to when we deliver your design.


Your flowers are hand picked by us for you.  They'll be full of character, texture and perfume.  


You’ll never see flowers in the same way again.


‘... I can not articulate enough how amazingly well Rebecca captured who I was with the flowers she delivered on the day. They were INCREDIBLE. I could not have wished for a better bouquet. The fact that Silver Grey Foliage grow all their own flowers, blows my mind. So very talented, highly recommend!’


Contact me and start planning your seasonal wedding flowers.