Autumn Flower Season

So when the days get shorter and it feels ok to reach for a blanket when you sit on the sofa, does the flower season end? Hell No! It just means that we wear thermals in the workshop and waterproofs in the field!

Seriously, a few of your questions are answered below:

When does the fresh flower season end?

Officially the season ends when the first frosts come.  However, in reality, we need to start turning the field around and getting it ready for even more flowers (literally) next year. So our productivity is starting to reduce, but you won't notice this for at least another month really.  So End of October is the aim (weather permitting of course!)

Can I still order flowers in Autumn?

Yes you can.  We will keep bunches and bouquets available until there are no more flowers in the field and garden.  Just order here.  Sadly Our subscriptions are now finished for the year.  The first chance to grab one for next year will be as part of Christmas Gifting.  Follow this link to receive an alert when this is available.

Do you offer Dried Flowers?

Yes! And they'll be available first at a Pop Up that I'm doing chez Flavour Like Fancy on 30th September!  Watch this space!!

When will Autumn wreaths be available?

Yes. I am just waiting for a few more of our flowers to dry, then we'll get some wreath kits and wreaths up in the shop!  If you want to plan a party with your friends, just drop me an email to rebecca@silvergreyfoliage and I'll get back to you.

What about Christmas?!

Christmas is firmly on my mind from July! As a business, Antony and I try to reflect our own frustration with things appearing in the shops from August and not formally advertise anything until at least September, so yes, Christmas wreaths, Workshops and gifting are definitely on their way.  If you want to know when we are putting these things out for you to buy, then sign up here to receive your alert. Please note that signing up to this also adds you to our weekly newsletter. I won't take offence if you unsubscribe once you have your Christmas List sorted!  You may even choose to hang around.  I hear that it makes a pretty good read!