The First Silver Grey Foliage Eucalyptus Harvest!

It's almost Christmas and I don't think that there is a soul out there who is not tired.  What a year it's been. We've worked, we've worked from home, we've home-schooled, we've isolated, we've laughed and we've cried. The emotional rollercoaster that has been 2020 is immense!


Now it's time to celebrate.  I mean it.  It's time to celebrate!  Christmas is a celebration.  A celebration of new life, new beginnings and bright futures.  I can't promise that the dreaded C19 won't be around next year, but I can remind you all to hope for the things in life that will bring genuine joy and laughter and smiles.


It's no secret that one of the reasons that we started all of this was because we wanted to make our own wreaths, for you, with Eucalyptus that we have grown.  Winter is the best season to cut Eucalyptus, based on how we currently grow it here in England.  This is because the leaves have grown and the wood in the stems has started to ripen, which means it has hardened and is not soft.  This means that it lasts longer and holds it's shape.


Our trees are now 18 months old!  So they are coming into their second winter in our garden. This is the first year that we will cut a reasonable amount of our Eucalyptus for you to buy.  As I write this Antony is delivering a bunch of Eucalyptus to one of our  regulars!  I cut it for Lauren this afternoon and popped it in a jam jar of water to stay hydrated whilst I sorted out the children.


As we went about our evening's work, I kept being distracted!  There was a perpetual waft of something fruity and minty.  It was just lovely.  I looked at our Eucalyptus and smiled.  A sort of 'pat on the back' smile.  We just can't help being proud of what we have grown.


Eucalyptus is so versatile as a way of decorating your home. Pop it in bottles around your home.  Arrange it in vases where you won't miss it.  Hang it in the shower and prepare for the ultimate refreshment every morning and night.  Add a ribbon and hang a swag from your door as a welcome.  I promise you, you'll enjoy it and everyone who comes to your home will comment on how amazing it looks and smells.


So we've got enough Eucalyptus for bunches for your homes, to go into your flower bouquets this winter and for just 10 mixed Eucalyptus Wreaths!  We can't wait to deliver Eucalyptus to you this winter and to hear what you think of it in the comments below.