Garden Verbs

Garden Verbs

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As each day hurtles past at a phenomenal rate, it is easy to think that we must run life like a race too.

It's ok to slow down. Running our flower growing company has forced Antony and I to listen to the seasons and work at natures pace. Sure, a day has 24 hours in it, but how much does nature achieve in one day?!

Each month, we take an active verb that is relevant to our growing and gardening world. We share it's meaning and it's importance to your outdoor spaces. The reflective prompts invite you to take a moment and breathe using different reflective and mindset techniques. You can use them as often as you like. I find that the more I use them, the calmer that life becomes.

Nature is in no rush so why should you be? Let us help you to slow down. 

The verb is printed and posted out to you in the last week of each month with a postcard that you may choose to keep or post to a friend.


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