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The Flower Farmer's Planner 2024

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Flower Farmers: build your Flower Farming Business on firm ground so that you can you can grow confidently and consistently.


The Flower Farmer’s Planner 2024 is a sturdy, physical, ring-bound planner that will work for you and your business as hard as you do.

It is 360+ pages long and clearly divided to support you in planning your business, your finances, your field, your sustainability, your propagation, your marketing and your day to day Flower Farming practice.

The Flower Farmer's Planner is a bespoke size (20cm x 26cm) so that it fits in a bag and is easy to carry and handle.

The guided sections are written so that you can:

  • Design a business plan that learns from 2023, accurately reflects what brings you joy about Flower Farming and documents how you plan to serve your customers
  • Identify your financial needs, keep track of your business expenses and learn how to constructively review and rationalise what you do with the money that you earn.
  • Document your approach to sustainability in the short and longer term so that you can easily identify the steps that you need to take to reach your target.
  • Consistently prepare for the hardest part of being a Flower Farmer - Marketing and Selling your flowers.
  • Know your availability so that you can communicate with your customers clearly and confidently.
  • Identify what you need to grow more or less of and be confident in your decisions about this. 
  • Stay on track with your sowing, planting and growing so that you have a continuous supply of flowers and foliage.
  • Plan your growing space so that you maximise the use of space whilst considering the ergonomics and impact on your body.

Putting all of these things together will help you keep your Flower Farming practice in order so that you worry less, reduce and ideally remove overwhelm and create more time and space for yourself and the people, pets and hobbies that you love.

New for this year, your 2024 Flower Farmer’s will be accompanied by video guides on how we use The Flower Farmer’s Planner to make us more efficient and consistent in our work.  The guides will talk you through how we intend the Planner to be used, however you will develop your own way to use it in your practice.

The Flower Farmer's Planner is printed in Peterborough. It is available for international delivery.  Please note that taxes and duties outside of the UK are the responsibility of the buyer.

The Flower Farmer's Planner 2024 is due to be ready for posting by early November.