Flower Arranger's Bucket

Flower Arranger's Bucket

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A curated bucket of seasonal flowers and foliage for you to arrange at home, for a wedding, for an event or in church.

For anyone wanting to work or play with flowers, no matter how much experience you have, Flower Arranger's buckets are a perfect place to start

Each bucket includes a balanced mix of coordinating foliage, fillers and flowers making it easy for you to create and play for all occasions.


You'll receive a mix of the best flowers in the field at the time that they are picked.  The mix of flowers will vary from week to week.  

 Your Flower Arranger's Bucket includes approximately 35 stems. 

The image shows a large Flower Arranger's Bucket and is an example of what you will receive. The flowers will be different every week and intone with what the season offers.

All flowers are conditioned and ready to use when the are collected or delivered. Please bring (or have ready) a clean bucket or vessel for your flowers.

Collection is available on Thursday evenings Deliveries are made on Fridays.