Daffodils on your Desk
Daffodils on your Desk

Daffodils on your Desk

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Narcissus Minnow is perfect for small spaces, pots and indoor growing. 

Bare with me... So you're working at home? Yes, we all are!

Do you find cups and mugs on my desk just like in the office?!

Well instead of half drunk cups of tea, wouldn't it be amazing to find a mug full of Daffodils on your desk?!

Narcissus Minnow is just perfect for this!

We'll send you:

1 paper bag of stones, 1 paper bag of compost and 5 Daffodil Minnow Bulbs that are primed and ready to grow. You provide one mug, or cup and saucer and follow the instructions that we'll email out.

Simple - everything that you need to grow something pretty on your desk and bring Spring into your home a little early!

Go on - Garden at home and on your desk, your boss will never know and it could become a feature in your zoom call!

 Can we post it? Yes we can!

Learn to look after your indoor bulbs here.