Seasonal Bunch - Subscribe and Deliver

Seasonal Bunch - Subscribe and Deliver

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Fill a vase every week, fortnight or month with a bunch of locally grown, beautiful and sustainably grown stems.

Posy Flowers will always be of the same variety and whatever is in abundance during this week. Flowers are usually cut at the earliest possible stage so that they open in your homes and you get the longest vase life from them.

The number of stems will vary with the season and the flower. 

We only sell our own flowers, so every stem will have been grown here in Headingley by Antony and I. We grow sustainably and wrap your flowers simply in Kraft Paper.


How does it work?

You choose how often you would like to receive your flowers.

Flowers will be delivered on Friday Mornings.

Subscriptions renew on the Wednesday. If you're away, you can skip a week - simple!

  • Bunches are available for delivery in North Leeds on Friday Mornings.
  • Deliveries will be made early, so please leave a vase or bucket outside as you may still be asleep!😇