Where did Tea and Leaves come from?

I don't think that there is a business out there that doesn't have newsletter these days. Like many others, we started with a weekly newsletter. The thing was that there was soon too much to say about each week and people wanted to know more about what we grow and how we grow. People also wanted to know about our why. They wanted stories about real days as a grower. They wanted to know about the reality of balancing growing a creative business with having a career and enjoying family life.

Our readers also wanted something that was easy to digest. Short enough to read with a quick cup of tea or in a moment of peace. Our readers told us that they wanted to be able to dip in during the week regularly and to savour a reread at the weekend when time allowed.

So the weekly letter that was long and in depth, became a daily letter. The letter evolved to share stories of day to day practice along with our learning and applications to daily life. However there was no space for the tea cups that became a regular fixture in the original letter or the reflections on gardening and life that are common to so many of those who are interested in our sustainable ways.

And so now, a year or so on, it has evolved again into a subscription where we can have all of these things.  Who knows where it will go next join us for tea and see!

Are you wondering if Tea and Leaves is for you? We think Tea and Leaves is for you if....