What to expect from Silver Grey Wedding Flowers

Honest, beautiful and seasonal wedding flowers locally grown in Leeds by us.

Honest flowers.


Honest flowers for us means that we tell you what went into growing your flowers.  We do this with pride and with confidence because we don’t use peat or chemicals or preservatives or pesticides.  It makes telling you about our flowers really easy!


We work with the land and the weather to grow seasonal, scented flowers and foliage, at scale, between March and December. 

We work hard and so we expect the land we use to work hard too. To help our land work hard we take care to nurture it. So we don’t dig, unless we have to. We feed our soil with seaweed, manure and green waste to encourage more nutrition and to support and grow healthy soil micro-organisms and top quality soil structure. We cover our soil to stop it from being eroded and we rest our soil as much as possible over winter so that it is ready to serve us again in spring.


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Seasonal Flowers. 

This means that we only cut the best flowers that each day, week and month has to offer. This means trusting that whichever flowers the season offers, they will be beautiful, scented and naturally complement each other because this is what nature has put together for me to work with.


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Considered flowers.

I’ve spent 20 years working in another face-to-face profession. That’s 20 years helping people, 20 years learning how to understand people, 20 years hearing what matters to people and 20 years helping people to reach the outcomes that they hope for.

So I listen to what you do and don’t say when we meet. I watch how you move and, if you are willing to share it with me, I look at your dress.  I think about your wedding design and about how your day will look every day, from when you book our service to when we deliver your design.


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Understated Flowers.

Silver Grey Wedding Flowers will always turn heads and intrigue you and your guests.  Our flowers are memorable because of how they look and because of how they smell. Our flowers are so unique that your guests will ask if they are real and touch them, just to make sure that you’re telling the truth.


Silver Grey Wedding Flowers are always notable but they’re never boastful. We seek to complete your day, but never to be more visible than you and your partner as you make your vows in front of your closest friends and family.

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