The Route To Our Flower Farm.

When I left a high responsibility medicolegal job, I said 'I'm going to care for my patients and grow flowers.' I know that many laughed and all thought I was mad.

You see even then in 2018, I knew that I was obsessed and needed to know how to grow flowers that I could cut, arrange and use to send joy all around Yorkshire and sometimes, beyond.

My route to everything is books. So with leaving vouchers I bought a shed load of flower books, a handful of Dahlia, some plug plants and a few seeds.  

I learnt that year that Sweetpeas are a lot of work and will be the last crop that I grow commercially!

So when in 2019, a dear friend was getting married, I said 'Pick me!' I'll do your wedding flowers.  She said 'Yes!'. I didn't grow them all, in fact I didn't grow many because I had totally underestimated how many flowers you needed to do a Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids, A church, tables and more!

But if I was obsessed before making that commitment, I was 100% infatuated by working with flowers by August 2019. And so we plotted, planned and planted our way to now! A functioning flower farm in Leeds, growing for our customers, sending your gifts, and filling the arms of florists with abundance.

The first subscription flowers for 2022 are now up on the website.  They make the perfect gift to ask for and a planned gift to self. Click here to have a look.