The benefits of Dried Flowers

If you’re reading this, then there is a chance that you know that Silver Grey Foliage is a sustainable flower farm in West Yorkshire.  Being a sustainable farm in the North of England, there really is little if any chance of us growing freshly cut flowers in the autumn and winter months!


In true form, we start preparing for the cooler darker seasons months well in advance so that dried flowers are ready for you when the time comes.  


Dried (Everlasting Flowers) are the absolute sustainable flower option.  Because our everlasting flowers are naturally dried, customers say that they look fresh! This is because they are not stiff from chemicals and the colours are vibrant with natural variation rather than uniformly dyed.


Here are even more reason why dried flowers are perfect for your homes:


 - They keep their colour,

 - They add interest and vibrance to your living and working spaces,

 - They keep their colour and shape when you follow some easy care tips,

 - They are inexpensive because they last for a long time

 - These dried flowers have now air mile because they're grown by us here in Yorkshire

 - Water is not required!


The best way to decide whether dried flower are for you or not is to invest in a small bouquet and try them out.






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