5 tips for looking after Spring bulbs indoors!

Everyone needs a bit of colour inside right now!  Before Christmas we made up Paperwhite Daffodils in bowls so that you could have colour now in early January. 

Looking forward to Spring, you can now buy Indoor Daffodil and, soon,  Indoor Hyacinth Kits in the shop.  These will bring Spring to the inside of your homes before it will arrive in our gardens and parks.

Growing and nurturing is something that you have all enjoyed over the past year.  It brings joy and satisfaction.  And pretty things really are good for the soul.

Bulb kits in mugs for your desk or windowsill and bulb kits in enamelled bowls for your tables will bring that wonderful perfume and colour early to your homes.  This is because bulbs are cleverly packed with all of the energy and nutrients that they need to grow: all they really need is water and daylight.  (Basically, the soil is just there for them to sit in!)

All indoor bulb kits from us come with 2 layers.  A layer of stones and a layer of compost.  The layer of stones is at the bottom and means that the roots grow down towards this.  It also means that if you over water a little, the bulbs don't get soggy because there is somewhere for the water to sit as a reservoir. 

Looking after bulbs in your home is super easy.  Here are our top tips to give you a helping hand:

1 - Keep your bulbs somewhere that you can see them.  We suggest on your desk or on a windowsill that you're near a lot of time.  They're there to bring you joy so make sure that you get the most out of them!

2 - Make sure that they get plenty of light.  Light drives the growth process.  Light is also good for you.  With all of this time indoors you need the vitamin D, so your daffodils will encourage you to get some daylight too.

3 - Water your bulbs once a week.  Once the flowers start to form you may need to water more often that this, but to start off this should be enough.  About half a cup of water is what I would suggest.  You want the soil to be moist, but not swamp-like.

4 - Once the flowers open up, keep them near you during the day and pop them somewhere cool at night if you can.   This will replicate what naturally happens when the flowers are outside at night and help them to stay in bloom for as long as possible.

5 - Once your flowers have died, stop watering them!  You can plant them outside for next year in your garden or in a pot whilst the stems are still green.  Alternatively you can let them dry out somewhere cool and, when they're ready to come away with a gentle tug, take off the dead, dried stems.  If you start to water again in November, you should get new flowers again next year!

We know that you'll enjoy your bulbs and would especially love you to send us pictures of your chosen mug full of blooms!


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